Secret to Writing

Grasp straws. Drown.


Another Trifecta challenge.  Love this site.  Can’t get enough.  The challenge:

One of our editors was recently lucky enough to slowly roast on a bouncy, mechanical floor thisclose to nearly 900 other Portlanders for a reading (of the third chapter of his new book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane) and subsequent Q&A by Neil Gaiman.  One of the questions asked of him was, “Can you tell us your writing process in three words?”  He replied, “Glare.  Drink tea.”

This weekend, we’re asking for you to sum up your own process with just three little words.


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  1. sometimes it does feel like you’re doing this, reaching for anything that tells the story.
    Grasping straws can be hard work. 😉

    • I don’t view it as a bad process – more of a difficult process. I see it more along the lines of this definition of drown – “to engage (oneself) deeply and strenuously .” I see it as a surrender. I see straws and I grasp at them, even though they are flimsy and useless. I try so desperately to cling to them, convincing myself they will be my salvation. The difficulty is in letting go of them and of ceasing my frenzied grasping – allowing myself to drift with the current, sink beneath the surface and immerse myself in what wants to be written.

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