New Year’s Resolution

This week’s Trifecta challenge calls for a 3 word New Year’s Resolution.  Normally I would set some intense goal for myself – the accomplishment of some milestone – something life-altering.  However, upon realizing recently that I don’t quite know how to relax even when I have the chance, my motto for this year, which represents a mindset I want to cultivate, will be the following:

Leave the dishes.


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  1. Love it! We lose too much time consumed with tasks that keep us occupied with tedious and monotonous acts when we could been out there, growing, doing, learning, loving. You are so completely correct with this resolution. Good luck in making this come true in 2014. Happy New Year to you!

  2. I used to be obsessive about the dishes…and am happy to report that dirty dishes don’t bother me now. I think it all started out when I took your same resolution and tagged…til the morning onto it. Then, before you know it…til tomorrow, etc, etc. I eventually bought a deeper sink! Why am I proud of my dirty ways? A small victory in the scheme of things. 😜

  3. This so easily could have been my resolution! (Though I already leave the dishes, so maybe mine would be, “leave them longer.”) I’m glad I found you through Trifecta. I am also a flunked adjunct, and I *love* your tag line “those who can’t teach write a blog about it.”

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  5. I love both your lofty ideas and your ultimate result. What it made me wonder, though, is if you will have to white knuckle it to leave the dishes when every ounce of your being is screaming that they need to be done, or if you can truly accept them not being done. My OCD-like tendencies would definitely put me in the former category.

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